Namaste, I'm Mihir

Self designed learner & facilitator, working with children and young adults from diverse socio-economic backgrounds for the last 7 years.


I design and facilitate unconventional learning experiences immersed in Project, Peers, Play, and Passion.


My core mission is to facilitate lifelong & all-round learning for children age 6 to 16 yrs through Project Based, Experiential methodologies.


It all started with dropping out of formal education and working with children!! Read to my journey here,




My current work include:

  • Offering Project-Based Learning (PBL) Camps, Clubs and Customize learning Expeditions to NGOs and Schools. Know More

  • Consulting and training on 21st century learning to non-profits and other learning spaces ready to transform.

To get in touch about working with me, please reach out at


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