learning Partner

'learning Partner' is an initiative to help children and parents to do creative learning at home.

This initiative is not like another online workshop, course or webinar. We want to be partner in children's learning process. It will be very participatory journey.

People associated with this initiative are,


  • love to work with children 

  • Aware of child psychology and development

  • Coming with 'learning' mindset not 'Money Making' mindset


Computer Programming With SCRATCH

Why - 

  • It will foster your imagination & creativity 

  • It will help to develop communication and logical thinking skills

  • It will make you creator instead of consumer


What - 


  • We are going to learn through programming environment called 'SCRATCH' especially developed for children by MIT Media lab, Boston.

  • We are going to make animated stories and games.


How -

  • For children age 10+

  • small group (5 children max) session once in week for 4 weeks

  • Everyday homework and mentoring through whatsapp 

let's learn - Whatsapp us on +91 9537068736

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